Here is the podcast of the radio show that Janine Bandcroft did with me this past week. Topics were Thunderbird PR, Joanne Shenandoah, Project Peace on Earth and the Extreme History Project. Thanks Janine!!!

Winds of Change

From Montana’s wilderness, Shelley Bluejay Pierce announces the launch of her new Public Relations firm – Thunderbird PR.  Previously a freelance writer and photographer, Shelley Bluejay is inspired by the hope for true change that young folk, revolutionaries, and especially indigenous people are inspiring around the world.  Then, on his way to the premiere Victoria screening of his documentary film titled Peace Out, Charles Wilkinson invites everyone to watch the film tonight at the Cinecenta and stick around for Q & A afterwards with himself and Ben Parfitt from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.    And, Richard Boyce has recently released his film, Rainforest Movie, inspired by Chief Kwaxsistalla, from the Kwakwaka’wakw.  Over the past few years Richard has filmed from the high canopies and the valley bottoms of the Klashkish region, a very remote area on northern Vancouver Island which is rapidly disappearing because of…

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