One of our clients, Willi Nolan, will be on Canadian radio TODAY!

Today from 11 AM to 12 Noon PST, our dear friend and indigenous supporter, Janine Bandcroft, will air a fabulous radio show that I hope everyone will listen to!
Two very timely and important topics will be discussed and our own Native women will be guests on Janine’s show. Here is the link to tune in via the internet:
(see below for a link to a podcast where you can listen to the archived show whenever you are available to do so in case you miss the live broadcast)
As many of you know, the pro-nuclear industry has been pushing their death and destruction on us and billing themselves as a “green” energy solution. Nothing could be further from the truth and to discuss the realities of nuclear will be Willi Nolan from New Brunswick. Will has been an anti-nuclear activist for decades and has been actively trying to get Point LePreau shut down permanently. Listen in to her segment to hear the real truths about nuclear from all vantage points!
Also, you have seen my updates about the tragic living conditions at the Northern Canadian community of Attawapiskat and now the People there are facing the political government delaying the needed aid once again. Please tune into the program as the realities of what is happening with the Attawapiskat community are discussed with Janie Kataquapit-Ramos.
If you miss the live broadcast, you can go to Janine’s web page and listen to the podcast later after she gets the show posted there:
PLEASE support the free media—we live in a day when corporate media spins lies and deception so lets all get behind our dear friend Janine Bandcroft–she speaks truths! Share this with all your contacts please?
I thank you!!!!
Shelley Bluejay Pierce

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